I believe in a holistic approach to UX research and design combining all perspectives: Human Computer Interaction, design thinking, psychology, sociology, anthropology and all methods: from big data to ethnographic study.

Empathy alone is not enough, detailed statistics aren’t either. Only a combination of the two, informed by psychological and sociological theories, can allow us to transform data into actionable insights, to bridge the gap between the facts and the causes, to understand the likely impacts of technology and change both at a micro (individual) and a macro (society) level.

What I do

I am a UX researcher at Sharp Theory.

Since 2017, I conduct UX research and design features and interactions of Kusri, a social research platform making high quality data collection and management easily accessible to everyone.

In 2016-2017, I was a User Research Program Manager at WorkWorks.io, an exciting startup founded by Karrie Sullivan to bring design thinking into HR to reshape organizations so that work finally works!

Through Upwork, I designed user flows, wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes, and conducted market research, usability testing, heuristic assessment, and UX recommendations for a variety of clients in the following domains: health, legal platform, real estate, solar panel, project management.

How did I get there

In January 2015, I decided to re-orient my career path towards User Experience. I had already participated in projects focusing on users’ needs as a Product Manager, and a good way of describing my work as a teacher would be Learning Experience Designer.

So I decided to study Anthropology at University of Strasbourg in France. My research project was about MMOs and social representations. I graduated in June 2016. I learned and practiced UX techniques through the Interaction Design Specialization on Coursera for some 40 weeks. I also delved into the UX community news and feeds ([UX stack exchange(https://ux.stackexchange.com/users/105777/celinelenoble)] in particular), where I learned a lot. I took on projects on a volunteer basis (Doris Women Refuge, ballard.dog).

Before that, I spent…

10 years in Education

5 years in France, 5 years in Australia.

5 years of Project Coordination and Product Management

at Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Science Museum in Paris, in between my teaching positions.

More details on my LinkedIn profile.

I love…

all new things: meeting new people, visiting new countries, discovering new cultures, learning new technologies.

Favorite sources of information (general)

Favorite games

Favorite meal